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Malcolm G Cross

Malcolm Cross was born in Woodford, Essex, England in 1956 and currently lives near the City of Bath in England and in Kobe, Japan. A retired university Director of Research and Innovation, he rediscovered his love of art and photography by exploring afresh familiar and new places at home and abroad. His passion for art and photography was originally inspired by his father's amateur black and white photography and by art teachers at school. This passion was subdued in his early years in favour of pursuing a career in industrial R&D and subsequently in Academia. Now, later in life he is seizing the opportunity  for continuing personal development  and growth through Art. He is studying Art and Photography  via on-line education, workshops and mentoring from established professional fine art photographers. His embryonic fine art photographic practice is finding its direction  in sites and places that inspire the creation of photographs that evoke emotion, curiosity and that bridge reality and imagination. He is currently working on various fine art photography projects as a way of pathfinding his artistic vision and style. 

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